Rasha's dance style blends traditional Egyptian cabaret bellydance with
the grace of hula, from her homeland of Hawaii. She demonstrates a
variety of bellydance styles, from the slow taxim, to a quick drum solo,
a graceful veil dance, and a lively beladi. Rasha's playful dance
personality has entertained audiences at restaurants such as Cafe
Paradiso, Sweet Baby Janes, Taj Palace, and Boondocks. She has also
been invited to perform at shows featuring Saqra, Jim Boz, Mezdulene,
and Nemra Kahn, as well as numerous community festivals and events.
Rasha currently teaches bellydance through Central Oregon
Community College's Community Education program, and is and active
board member of the High Desert Bellydance Guild.

rasha@bendbroadband.com or 541-410-4614
Belly Dance Birthday Parties for Little Belly Dancers

For a one-of-a-kind party program, give your birthday girl and her
guests a live belly dancer! Rasha will perform a full Egyptian routine,
including veil and drum solo, for your guests. Then, each young
bellydancer-in-training can wear a hip scarf for an exclusive dance
lesson! The program ends with a "dance party" where we can
practice our new moves, and shake out the shimmies!! Hip scarves
are available to buy for the birthday girl (and/or her guests), and you
can purchase a pack of bindis (body jewels) for your party guests.
Not only fun and healthy, bellydance also promotes self esteem and
body awareness.

One satisfied mom says "
This was the best birthday party I've been
" and "it's the participation that made this the perfect activity."
Contact Rasha for prices and details.

or 541-410-4614
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