"Beside the fire, as the wood burns black, A laughing
dancer in veils of light, Whose dance transforms the
darkness to gold"

To sit and watch belly dance is to witness something
breathtakingly beautiful. But to dance it yourself, to feel
it and experience it while the music is playing, stirs a
passion deep inside that goes back thousands of years.
It empowers you as a woman, and the more you dance,
the stronger and stronger that passion becomes.

The doors of belly dance were first opened to me by my
inspirational guide, “Maya”, whose teaching continues
to this day to help me develop and grow in confidence. I
also studied under respected instructors “Raven” and
“Sahara”, and performed with “Sahara’s Dream” dance
troupe for two years.

My number one goal is for my students to have fun
while they are learning. The style of belly dance I teach
is Egyptian style, which I find the most flowing form of
belly dance. A big part of the fun is being able to dress
up in beautiful costumes, and become someone totally
different from your everyday self.

I believe that every woman should experience the thrill
of belly dance.

Contact: Jerusha1959@gmail.com or (541) 548.7921
Location: Jerusha's Dance Studio - Redmond
Levels: Beginner to Intermediate
Teaching Schedule: My classes run month to month --
Oct. thru May with summers off. 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Days: Monday's - Beginner; Wednesday's - Beyond
Basic; Thursday's - Intermediate
Prices: $10 per class - Due by the first of each month
Type of classes offered: Bring joy, fitness and serenity
to your life with the beauty and creativity of this
Pharaonic dance. Learn choreography, techniques and
movements and add personal touches
such as veil and
zills to your dance.
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